Affinity-setting context menu improvements

Started by Coldblackice, January 28, 2024, 11:31:09 PM

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Regarding context-menu setting of affinity:

Given processes' "Affinity" context menu by default has all CPU cores pre-selected, and given a mouse click in context menus immediately closes the menu, if one desires quickly setting affinity this way, it requires opening the same menu again and again. Not very tenable, and easier to just jump into the expanded Affinity panel popup.


Two potentials are 1) Implementing an ability to keep this menu open even after a clicking inside it, akin to "holding CTRL/SHIFT" function, closing the menu by either Escaping or clicking outside it.

Or 2), Inverting the scope, so instead of all cores selected as the default/no-action, instead no-cores selected being the default/no-action, and only when the user clicks a core in this menu does affinity-setting occur.


My (uneducated) hunch is users might more directly "single-core" a process affinity (on average) or "No-hyperthreading"*, both of which needing only a single click. Or at least get to their end-goal affinity faster by enabling cores rather than an inverted bitmask.

The ideal would be keeping the Affinity sub-menu open after clicking in it (or switching to the full panel). That said, perhaps this wouldn't be easy to do, contextually, for just this one menu, meaning all other context menus would need to be escaped/clicked out of to make them go away.

Alas, probably something 99% of the userbase never comes across, and thus cares about  :) Just some thoughts.

*I've temporarily disabled hyperthreading to test the effect on multiplayer games
**Sidenote, I just discovered in posting this that the random pauses and "hiccups" of audio I've been getting lately, despite LatencyMon not showing any issues with DPCs, has been due to my manual pinning of audiodg.exe to a single core! My own fault, initially set to keep it on a physical core with hyperthreading enabled, which I usually run.

Jeremy Collake

The core selection in the affinity context menu is indeed untenable, and already hidden on systems with 32 or more logical processors. There are plans to improve this, and I think you'll see that come to fruition in the near future!
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