Bitsum Highest Performance and Ultimate Performance

Started by WillisVeum, February 06, 2024, 03:59:05 PM

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What is the distinction between Bitsum Highest Performance and Ultimate Performance in Project Lasso Pro? I have been unable to find any information online or in the Project Lasso documentation, help section, or forums. I am particularly interested in determining the most suitable option for gaming. Initially, I assumed that Bitsum Highest Performance would be ideal since it claimed to allocate the maximum resources to a specified program. However, the term ultimate implies the highest level of excellence. Hence, I am uncertain which option would be more appropriate for gaming.
Could you please advise me on which one to use?

Jeremy Collake

They are essentially the same, so use either and you'll be fine. That said, Bitsum Highest Performance has additional tuning on some systems, and more may come in the future. It also integrates a little better with Process Lasso.

Bitsum Highest Performance existed before Microsoft created Ultimate Performance, with the latter mirroring what we'd been doing for years.
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