[Bug?] Forcibly terminated processes lose "K" tag

Started by gman68w, December 19, 2011, 01:54:41 AM

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It's not a bug I've been able to reliably recreate (i.e. it doesn't show the same time every time), but I've been able to recreate it multiple times using the same method, so there's a condition I'm not accounting for. An example process is MSI Afterburner, which I use to keep my factory OC'd graphics card set at it's factory preset levels (the newer versions of Catalyst have a tendency to 'reset' the clock values to their stock settings, and sometimes to really odd values; Afterburner overrides any clock settings set by Catalyst). I've set it to "Keep running", and sometimes it locks up, and I have to Forcibly Terminate, after which it auto-restarts, but the "K" tag is gone. Now, the "Keep running" setting must still be applied, because if I Forcibly Terminate again, it restarts again, and the "K" tag reappears.

To conclude, the "K" tag itself disappears at times, but not necessarily the actual "Keep running" rule setting. I wasn't sure if the failure of one would lead to the eventual failure of the other, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks, I will look into this. It sounds like some sort of timing issue with when the process is created, or how it is created. I'll resolve it for sure.
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