I just downloaded Process Lasso v9.0.0.290

Started by Fews1988, April 10, 2024, 12:43:56 AM

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Hi everyone, I just downloaded Process Lasso v9.0.0.290 and Parkcontrol today, but everything is just greek to me. I don't understand which options to select and the possible things i can do in order to make my game (dota 2) run more smoothly and efficiently. I have searched the forums, but i was only able to find guides for older versions of PL, so i am not sure if certain things are the same as this current version (v9.0.0.290) of PL. I am a newbee, so a step-by-step would be great! Thank you in advance!

Jeremy Collake

Version 9 is actually quite old, so I recommend updating to v14. From there, most of the guides you'll find online should be followable, even if there are minor differences in the UI. Note that we don't publish guides ourselves, instead leaving that to the community. We do, however, have this page: https://bitsum.com/docs/process-lasso-setup-guide/
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