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Started by husky, January 19, 2012, 12:23:25 PM

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I just installed PL V. 64-bits Win 7 for a test run.

During the installation there is an unchecked option "Reset options".

Is there someone who could explain to me:

1.  What this reset does?
2.  When the rest option should be used?
3. What are the consequences of checking it?

Thank You


If I may, I'd like to add an additional option-question.  The one right below "Reset Options" (Reset Saved Window Positions).  Thanks.

Jeremy Collake

Reset Options will reset almost everything. The only exceptions would be the saved window positions, upgrade check choice, general install, listview position and sizes, and other cosmetic things. It resets all process rules and defaults.

Reset Saved Window Positions resets the child window positions in Process Lasso, and the window size itself. These child windows are seen as the 'panes' in Process Lasso. For instance, how high the log pane is. Since these can be adjusted by dragging the divider, an option was added to reset their positions in case they become out of whack.
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OK, Bitsum.Support -- that helps a lot!  'Never would have guessed . . . . and "child window" almost threw me but, your example cleared that up!!  Thank you.