Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.20 released  (Read 9675 times)

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Process Lasso v3.20 released
« on: October 29, 2008, 03:17:01 PM »
This version addresses issues with running the core engine as a service and improves Vista UAC support in the installer, amongst other minor maintenance.

v3.20 changes:

  • Addition.Installer: Process Lasso is no longer launched after install with administrative rights (showing processes of all users) unless configured to be launched that way.
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Now force users who choose to start the governor as a service to user global INI and log path over-rides.
  • Change.Installer: Removed IntallHelper from start menu shortcuts, you must now re-run the installer to make install related changes.
  • Change.Installer: Removed config/LOG migration from very old versions.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Removed 'Process Lasso must restart' message and functionality, intending for the InstallHelper to only be run during an install, when Process Lasso is already closed.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Allow blank passwords in service run-as user configuration.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Restore 'back' button on second dialog.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Auto-populate global log folder over-ride.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Other changes related to run-as-service support.
  • Change.InstallHelper: If error during service installation, don't allow user the option to continue without changing startup type or service config.
  • Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed issue where log events are not written when running the governor as a system service not in any user context, and a global log folder is not specified
  • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where core engine, when running as a service, it in some cases wouldn't detect configuration changes.
  • Fix.GUI: Process creation time now shown in local time.
  • Addition.GUI: Appended PID to process name in log item display.
  • Change.GUI: Fixed tab ordering on several dialogs.
  • Change.GUI: Changed menu organization slightly.
  • Fix.Core: [from 3.18.2] Fixed critical Windows 2000 error in cases where a large number of processes exist.
  • Change.ProcessControl: [from 3.18.2] Optimized loading of dynamic imports. Reduction in CPU use.
  • Change.Installer: [from 3.18.2] Force Win2k users to manually close instances of Process Lasso during upgrade to avoid problematic older versions.
  • Change.GUI: [from 3.18.2] Improved ProBalance configuration dialog behavior.

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