Process lasso workaround not longer working?

Started by josephweiss, June 04, 2024, 02:40:14 AM

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I've been using the Process Lasso workaround for a few days and it's been working great for stopping the 5-10 freezing issue, but the problem seems to have randomly returned even though I haven't changed anything in my ingame settings or in Process Lasso?

Jeremy Collake

Performance problems can be intermittent and there are factors outside your control, such as network latency or game server response times. If you elaborate on your freezing issue, perhaps we can speculate on if anything further can be done.
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While the game is running, check Task Manager or another monitoring tool to determine whether your CPU or memory consumption is unusually high. High resource consumption might cause freezing. If you notice spikes, consider eliminating superfluous background apps or lowering in-game settings.