Process Lasso Pending Update - causing games to crash

Started by Globespy, June 14, 2024, 03:46:34 PM

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This mostly happens with Destiny 2, and something I have noted over months of playing.
The game will freeze and will become nearly impossible to terminate, taking often a minute or more - thankfully I play Windowed FS, so easier to Alt+Tab.
When the frozen game screen eventually closes, the 'New version of PL' small window is often on screen, and since this has happened a lot, I don't think it's a coincidence.
Is there any way for PL to NOT offer the updates when 'Performance Mode' is selected and/or a gaming process is running? I mention the latter as I often Alt+Tab out of the game to use a 3rd party game equipment management system (DIM - Destiny Item Manager), or to just look up a guide on how to do something in the game.
I did look in the PL options, but could not find anything like this - I am using Windows 11 (latest 23H2 build) with 'Focus Mode' enabled when playing games, so I don't think it's Windows.
Appreciate any feedback.

Jeremy Collake

Are you using the automatic updates feature? If you disable automatic updates, the focus mode setting should take precedence, but then you will have to click to update.

I think the issues here are:

1. Windowed mode game. Process Lasso won't update during full-screen gameplay, but since you're in a window it doesn't detect it properly. Tying it to Performance Mode specifically is problematic because some users run in that mode continuously. However, certainly we can identify most games.
2. Automatic updates may interfere with gameplay by causing a focus shift. We'll run some tests and try to reproduce the issue. The best resolution is to make the automatic update work seamlessly in any circumstance.

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Because some users keep it on Performance Mode all the time, it's hard to associate it with any one run in particular.