uCLinux on Encore ENHWI-G3

Started by mlapeyre, November 05, 2008, 10:56:07 AM

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Hello Jeremy,

I´m trying to hack the Encore ENHWI-G3 Wireless LAN router ( http://www.encore-usa.com/download/specsheet/ENHWI-G3.pdf ). I'm from Peru, and here this is one of the cheapest devices they can find.
It has the Marvell 88W8510-BAN1 SoC, 88E6060 ethernet switch, 1M x 8 bits Flash and 2M x 32 bits SDRAM.
So, while googling, I found your work related to the Asus WL-530G.
Do you think that It could be possible to strip your code ( or Asus's ) in order to fit within these memory contraints ( against the WL-530G's 4M flash/16M ram )?
If it is possible, which steps could you recommend to take?

Thanks in advance


Jeremy Collake

It could probably be done, in theory. However, you'd really have to trim out a lot of stuff and further size optimize the distribution.

I don't know what specific steps to tell you to take. I can tell you that it isn't a project I'd want to work on. I quit fooling the the WL-530g largely because the Marvel SoC doesn't have an MMU, making RAM allocation issues tedious to work around. Since virtual memory doesn't exist, RAM must be allocated in contiguous blocks, pages can't be shared between process instances, and more. It's really a pita.
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