Tp-link 1043ND ruter firmware bin open

Started by chipi, March 14, 2012, 02:16:26 PM

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How do I open a bin file?
From Windows or Linux.
The file is written to Tp-link 1043nd.
This is a custom firmware.

Is available at:

Jeremy Collake

The are pre-requisites to even starting such a project. One would be a decent familiarity with linux. However, you must also ensure you have the legal right to reverse engineer this firmware. It varies depending on the OS used, the purpose/intent of your reverse engineering, and the locality in which you live. Linux firmwares, being F/OSS, are licensed in such a way that 'allows' them to be opened without problem. This is probably a linux based firmware, but since I don't know that, I can't say that it is for sure.
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