How to change the startup method from a service to a normal process?

Started by hubutz, November 22, 2008, 06:27:09 AM

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Hey all,

I've enabled the starting as a service at the first installation but this doesn't work. Everytime i log on i get the message that it hasn't worked and PL has been started as a normal process.

My question is: Where can i change the startup behavouir as this message really feds me up :/

I'm using the "pro"-version (64bit) if this has any impact here.


Jeremy Collake

A simple reinstall will remove the governor from a service, and restore it to a normal process. You can also alternatively fix the issue by
selecting, during install, to run Process Lasso with highest available UAC rights (you'll then see processes from all users as well).

I am releasing an update now that will also allow you to 'do not show again' that message box. This was an accidental omission on my part. It will be v3.24.1.

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An option : "Would you like to change your preferance to run as normal instead of as service?" as well as a "Do not show again" check box, would probably make this process easier for those experiencing it.

Jeremy Collake

That's an excellent idea. There are some caveats to implementing it though -- specifically, when the GUI is running with limited rights in Vista /w UAC (when that message is mostly likely to occur), it doesn't have sufficient rights to change the governor configuration. I can probably work out some way to accomplish it though.

For users in XP who see this, it would be an easy change to make.

However, my first focus is to reduce the occurrence of this. I don't want it to ever occur, or at least occur much less frequently. The run-as-service support has matured a lot, and we're almost there. Little things like this are the last remaining bits of polishing.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.