[Docs-Add] Using Process Lasso to achieve maximum performance *when* you want it

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 15, 2012, 02:19:22 PM

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Jeremy Collake

These days, the *most important* thing is what power profile you are in, and how that power profile is configured. Thus, you need to make sure your High Performance power profile is configured like you want it. You can do this in the 'Power Options' of Windows. Do note that the High Performance Power Profile is hidden by default, unless modified by your OEM. There is a link for more options, you must click it to see High Performance, then advanced options to get to additional settings.

Perhaps you want to reduce CPU Frequency Scaling so that it never goes below 100%. Perhaps you want to turn off core parking with ParkControl (or Process Lasso v6 alpha). There may be many tweaks you want to make.

BUT, you don't want to run in High Performance power profile all the time. In fact, I've found that heat dissipation on some newer CPUs can get quite a bit higher with core parking and frequency scaling neutered, especially if you are overclocked. That is where Process Lasso comes in.

You have two basic choices:

1. Use the Default Power Profile option of Process Lasso so that when specific processes are started, the power profile is changed to that which you desire.
2. Always run in High Performance, but use Energy Saver to drop you back to Balanced once you've remained Idle for X seconds.

In this way, you can get the most of your PC, but not burn it to a crisp or waste electricity when you don't need it.

By default, core parking and CPU frequency scaling are enabled, even in the High Performance power profile. Although it takes little time to unpark a core, or scale up the frequency of a core, it *does* take some time - and a few milliseconds really counts in computational terms. That's where responsiveness is really impacted, as most of your CPU consumption is in brief bursts.

Remember, if you are showing 10% CPU utilization (10% of total available CPU time per second used), that doesn't mean much - what matters is how fast that 10% was executed when it needed to be.

Process Lasso version 5 supports Energy Saver.
Process Lasso Pro version 5 supports Default Power Profiles.
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