REQ: Alternate System Tray Icon Styles

Started by Nerva, November 25, 2008, 11:48:16 PM

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I've only been using this for a few days, but I'm impressed by so far.

The immediate suggestion I can think of is more styles for the system tray icon.   I like informative icons in my system tray, but the problem with this one is it looks almost exactly like the minimized Task Manager icon.   I've chosen to keep both in my system tray, with the Task Manager showing CPU load, while Process Lasso shows responsiveness.   Unfortunately this results in TWO green bars jumping up and down in my system tray.   I distinguish between them if I spend a second or two to think about which should be which, but that shouldn't be necessary.

For example, I would suggest instead that Responsiveness (more is good) be replaced with Un-Responsiveness (more is bad), and color-code it green/yellow/red depending on the value.   That way I could immediately look at my system tray and if I don't see any bars anywhere, I'd know my system is at idle and very responsive... whereas if I see a red bar jumping around, I'd INSTANTLY know my system is having problems.

Perhaps an even better solution would be two vertical bars -- one for unresponsiveness, the other for CPU load -- there could be additional bars for each core.   That way I wouldn't even bother to keep running Task Manager.

Great product though.   If it keeps impressing me for a few months I'll make a donation.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the feedback. I think you will be happy with Process Lasso.

The system tray icon does need more work, and more options. That is something that I'll be working on in the next big update to Process Lasso. I've achieved a very stable and robust code base at this point, so plan to freeze it and start a new beta series with a massive GUI redesign. It probably won't occur until late December or January, as I'm going to have to work on PECompact for a while due to weak Process Lasso sales this month. Ironically, the user base of Process Lasso has increased a lot -- but I guess the economy sucks right now ;(.

I'll add your specific suggestions about the systray icon to the feature requests, and think more in depth about the implementation when it comes time to do so.

Please contact me if you need anything, or have any other feature requests.

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Any chance of us ever getting some improvements in the tray icon??   I originally asked for this back in 2008, and again in 2014...


Notifications are being worked on now, but with your statements, I find responsive option not best for most cases (I use CPU%).
Reason why IMO is on most systems I run PL it almost always 100% and should be if Probalance is working ok.

Since you get the orange/red icon color notification when restraints happen, that is why I use cpu utilization % as the option seems best IMO.
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Jeremy Collake

Quote from: Nerva on January 08, 2017, 10:41:31 PM
Any chance of us ever getting some improvements in the tray icon??   I originally asked for this back in 2008, and again in 2014...

We changed the icon set entirely since then. Ed created a new ones ;).

You want more capabilities I take it? As has been requested many times. Yes, there is a possibility I add more dynamic icons going forward. Definitely we are closer to that now than ever before, but probably it won't be in v9.0 (maybe v9.1).
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Wow, this topic was started in 2008.  Probably, before I signed up as a member.  But, I can't tell, because I can't view "members" list.

Jeremy Collake

Probably a restriction I have per firewall or protection. I'll have to check it.

And, yes, this is actually not the first forum we had. We had an older one that lasted many years before this one.
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Yes I have not been able to view members for a long while, but I assumed it was a security issue and it really wasn't paramount to my function here. ;)