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Started by jimbo, November 28, 2008, 09:15:24 AM

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Hi There,

I installed Lasso because my laptop often won't go in and out of sleep mode correctly. It gets stuck (going in I think) and needs a power on reboot.
It is an A20M Thinkpad, older and slower I know, but just the kind of pc that needs Lasso to reign in the problem program!

So after installation, I ran in and out of sleep mode 3 times. 2 times it worked, and once explorer was de-prioritized, and once system 8 was deprioritized. The third time, it got stuck, and a reboot was needed.

What do I look for now??

Thanks greatly,

Jeremy Collake

I am sorry, but I don't believe Process Lasso will help with your PC's problem of going in and out of sleep mode. There is likely a device driver and/or application problem on your computer. Process Lasso can't fix that.
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Hi and Thanks,

  What do you think is happening?

Also another unresponsive time seems to be during waits for web sites. I think it really is something to do with screen updating. Is there a way for Lasso to help?

Thanks again

Jeremy Collake

It is difficult to say what is causing these things on your system without knowing anything more, and so difficult to say if Process Lasso will help. If I were to make a wild guess, I'd say that Process Lasso may help some, but won't solve your most severe annoyances. The wait on web sites may be due to your network, software firewalls or other web security software, or something else completely. It sounds like your system may need maintenance from a technician, to clean up the software environment and determine the problematic applications (or malware) on your system.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.