[3.27 beta 7] Tray balloons not working

Started by Scott, December 03, 2008, 05:13:33 AM

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I personally don't care too much about this problem since I don't normally run the GUI, but I thought I'd report it anyway.

When I enable the balloon tip options in the PL GUI, no balloons ever appear, even when I know priority adjustments are taking place.  I know events are taking place because when I tested, I was running the GUI and saw them occur, and they were also logged.

I wasn't sure if the balloons were only supposed to appear when the main window was hidden, so I tested it that way (i.e. hidden), and they still didn't appear.

The tray icon's "Show balloon notifications" option was enabled.

I am aware of the "EnableBalloonTips" registry value that can be used to disable balloon tips, but they're enabled for my user profile.  Balloon tips do work with other applications (e.g. foobar2000, Automatic Updates).


Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the report. This one doesn't really surprise me. Were you running the core engine as a service, by chance? Either way, the pipes I use to send balloon tip notifications to the GUI need to be replaced with an alternate mechanism. The pipes won't work for service processes running in a different user context, and are prone to other failures.

They've worked, generally speaking, so I didn't bother replacing them before. Now may be the time to do that, while I'm making so many changes. This new beta I should probably up to 'v3.50' by the time I finish it.
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Yes, running the governor as a service.  I see the workaround--go into services.msc and enable the "Allow service to interact with desktop" option (i.e. under HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\processgovernor, change Type from 16 to 272 (decimal).  I just tried this and it works.  Thank you.

Jeremy Collake

Yea, that allows the service to communicate with the GUI -- at least in XP. With Vista, the problem would remain I think due to the isolation of services into a separate desktop. Maybe I will put off replacing those pipes.. dunno

If I utilize the file system instead, the solution will be more robust. The down-side is that there will be file system access. What I mean, is communication through a shared, memory mapped file. We'll see I suppose.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.