Process Lasso - Possible CPU usage bug

Started by 8ballchrono, July 25, 2012, 03:04:08 PM

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So, long time user first time poster here. I just had to sign up to help figure out what is going on here. Ever since yesterday, my Process Lasso updated itself to and began having an issue. Basically my CPU goes from 0% usage to 100% usage every second or so if PL is running in the system tray. If it is open or even minimized this behavior stops. Once it is sent back to the system tray, the issue comes back.

Here are some screenshots I just took of what is going on.
<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>Shot at 2012-07-25

Here is my desktop right after boot this morning. All I did was launch Firefox to go to the Bitsum website. As you can see, my CPU is bouncing from 0% to 100% when it should be idle. Oh, and don't worry, I get the exact same behavior with every extra process or application shut down completely. So that first image was about 1 minute of idling at desktop.

<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>Shot at 2012-07-25

This is what PL6 is doing while I would normally be at idle on the desktop. Once I give PL6 some attention, whether it be open completely or minimized to the taskbar, it settles down just like before the last 2 updates. For example.......

<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>Shot at 2012-07-25

This is about 30 seconds with PL6 being open and in focus.

So all in all, I still love PL and will keep using it. Sorry if I broke any forum posting rules or image size rules. I scaled them down from 1080p. Let me know if I can help solve this by providing more info.


From this pic

The log is showing ProBalance is not control the other process.(PL process is excluded)
So it is sure that the problem "maybe" at PL.
Similar problem.,1627.0.html

Jeremy Collake

It is an illusion caused by a bad timer. The CPU % used isn't actually spiking, it is being miscalculated .. but ONLY when the GUI is minimized to the system tray.

I fixed this in v6.0.0.61, but have not had anyone confirm the fix (yet). It seemed painfully obvious the problem when I looked at the code, so I anticipate this certainly addressing it.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

The fix has been confirmed, FWIW. Again, the CPU utilization was an illusion - a miscalculation by Process Lasso, something you could verify with the Task Manager.

Also, .62 is being issued in about an hour (unrelated).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.