Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.28 released  (Read 10302 times)

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Process Lasso v3.28 released
« on: December 04, 2008, 02:58:05 PM »
Summary: This version represents the most major changes to Process Lasso in several months. It adds the ability to restrain out-of-control processes by changing their CPU affinities in addition to their priority classes. There is also a wide array of functional additions and enhancements, as well as several important fixes.

    • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where some applications, under certain circumstances, could end up with incidentally lowered priority classes that persist throughout the process lifetime.
    • Fix.GUI: Fixed improper behavior of confirmation message boxes introduced in v3.26.
    • Fix.GUI: Various ongoing adjustments to windowing code.
    • Addition.Core: Added support for ProBalance restraint by changing the CPU affinity of offending processes.
    • Addition.Core: Emits log entry when an instance of the governor starts, also indicating the config file in use.
    • Addition.GUI: Added support for ProBalance restraint by changing the CPU affinity of offending processes.
    • Addition.GUI: Added option to exit the GUI on window close, instead of minimizing to system tray.
    • Addition.GUI: Created a new log/action column for process ID.
    • Addition.GUI: Added build date to about box.
    • Addition.InstallHelper: Added extended error codes from MakeService to help track down service install problems.
    • Addition.InstallHelper: Created new switches '/terminate' and '/uninstall', which were formerly combined in '/remove'.
    • Addition.InstallHelper: Added explicit '/checksettings' switch, to check for default setting changes the user should be prompted about.
    • Addition.Installer: Now detects if Process Lasso instance(s) are still running after attempted termination, and prompts user to terminate them.
    • Change.GUI: Instance limits dialog now populates process name field when process removed from list, for easier changes to limits.
    • Change.GUI: Don't open another instance of the update check dialog if one is already open.
    • Change.GUI: Edits to log entry descriptions.
    • Change.GUI: Minor optimizations.
    • Change.GUI: Reduced stack memory usage throughout.
    • Change.Core: Excluded explorer.exe from restraint.
    • Change.Core: Always exclude services.exe from restraint.
    • Change.Core: Tweaks to ProBalance restraint algorithm.
    • Change.Defaults: Now clears log at each exit by default to help reduce memory use and log clutter.
    • Change.Defaults: Default log size decreased to 100 lines.
    • Change.Localization: Don't show language selection dialog since only English is available (instead of show and close).
    • Change.InstallHelper: Cosmetic improvements.
    • Change.Installer: Several upgrade related changes.
    • Change.Installer: Less safety wait time for termination of running instances.
    • Change.Installer: Startup settings now preserved better.
    • Change.Installer: No longer asks Windows 2000 users to terminate Process Lasso, unless necessary.
    • [.1] Fix.Installer: Fixed failure to start Process Lasso with administrative rights when configured to do so.
    • [.1] Fix.InstallHelper: Minor fixes and adjustments for Vista /w UAC.
    32-bit build:
    64-bit build:
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