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Started by KDeveloper, December 04, 2008, 07:39:34 PM

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Hi dear BitSum technologies team,

First, im from Chile (latinamerican person) and im glad to use Process Lasso, Useful and powerful tool. I love this utility.

Now, im not clear about the license use of PECompact. In the internet i found a downloable retail version of PECompact (latest version) in this site:


But, in your page say that is Shareware (for pay) and free license key for freeware developers. Im a freeware developer.

The question is the next: This downloable retail version can be used for my projects or is a illegal distribution not autorized by your staff? I have to pay for this retail version? if not, how can i get a legal license key of PECompact for my freeware projects? I don't understand. Now i have downloaded the trial version of PECompact from your site and the window form say that expire in 7 days

When i compress the exe files with the trial version, My McAfee says thats is a trojan Generic.dx, I know that is a false positive, because ive tested the protected exe files with isolation technologies of Sandboxie program. I trust in your products, so good.

Greetz and i hope that you can to help me.

Jeremy Collake

Any copy of PECompact you find on other sites that indicates it is a 'retail' or 'OEM' build is unauthorized and any use of it is being done so illegally. I've seen several sites selling 'OEM' versions of our software. A close look should reveal, fairly clearly, that these sites are illegitimate.

Use of PECompact on freeware applications has been free, but I recently started forcing freeware authors to pay a small sum for it. You'll see freeware licenses listed on the purchase page. This was not to generate revenue, but to verify the authenticity of users. There has been use of PECompact by malware authors, and that is something we want to discourage. The cost is a mere $9.95 per year, $4.95 subsequent years. That amount is so small that it shouldn't discourage use, I hope.

McAfee has had terrible false alarm problems the last year or so. They are slow, or completely unresponsive, in fixing them. I'll re-report the latest false alarm, but I suggest you do the same to increase the chances it gets resolved. Whether or not you can get around the false alarm by using different PECompact plug-ins, I don't know.

Hope this helps.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.