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tray icon cpu usage?

Started by x16wda, December 08, 2008, 08:47:33 AM

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What is the expected CPU usage for the Process Lasso GUI when it is minimized with the icon showing "responsiveness"?  I am asking because I see a continuous "sawtooth" graph of CPU, the process jumps up to 20% (roughly), then back down to 1 or 2%, then back up to 20%, back down, etc etc.  When i shut down the GUI part (leaving ProcessGovernor running) the total CPU just stays down at 1-2% as I would expect with nothing else really running.  I didn't realize that the GUI would use so much CPU when minimized.

Jeremy Collake

The expected CPU usage of the GUI when minimized is near zero, depending on your system. How long do these spikes up to 20% last? Do they happen when a new log event is written, on upon any other system activity that you know of?

Do you have any third-party Windowing software installed, by chance?

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