Configure Process Watchdog (memory and CPU overloads)

Started by danlock, August 29, 2012, 03:44:29 PM

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I've noticed that the Configure Process Watchdog (memory and CPU overloads) option is in two branches of the Options tree (under both Watchdog/rules/limits/misc and under Memory management).

Was that intentional?  It makes sense in both places, but (on the other hand) it might be unnecessary redundancy.  He Who Maintains The Codebase might have reasons for it that I haven't even considered.  As long as I'm pointing out little things today, I thought I'd point that out in case it's been heretofore unnoticed.


Jeremy Collake

Yes, it was intentional. I chose ease of finding it over redundancy. Whether this was a good decision I don't know. I will re-evaluate it in time, as it does appear redundant and accidental more than intentional. There are a couple other cases where I did similar things.
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