How do I get PL to update 'silently'?

Started by gman68w, August 30, 2012, 09:46:05 PM

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It's more than a little annoying when the PL update dialogue pops up and halts whatever it is I'm doing, and even worse that the dialogue window is set to 'Always on top'. How do I get one or both of these to stop?

Jeremy Collake

I apologize for this. First, you can reduce the frequency of the update checks in v6, so you can change it to once a week if you want. Most are minor updates. You can also update manually.

In the NEXT build, the first thing I am doing is making sure it never appears when a process you have listed as a game or multimedia process is running.

This problem IS being addressed though, as I've gotten numerous complaints. In the past, the issue has been that adjusting it one way causes one set of users to complain (gamers mostly), and adjusting it the other way causes another set of users to complain (e.g. update dialog hidden behind other windows). Anyway, the updater is being redeveloped. Please see this thread:,1827.0.html
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