Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.36 released  (Read 10325 times)

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Process Lasso v3.36 released
« on: December 28, 2008, 02:16:22 PM »
  • Addition.Core: Added support for matching wildcards to process pathnames for default affinities and priorities.
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'match wildcards to pathnames' to default priority and default affinity dialogs.
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'more strictly enforce affinities' to default affinity dialog.
  • Addition.GUI: Reinstated updated Russian translation.
  • Addition.GUI: Duplicate item detection added to dialogs.
  • Change.GUI: Some spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Change.GUI: Added dialog close confirmation if unsaved text is in edit box, to prevent accidental closes.
  • Change.GUI: Improved appearance of default affinity dialog box.
  • Change.Installer: Reduced size of installation for all builds.
  • Change.Installer: Reduced size of helper utilities is_writable and test_gdiplus_present substantially (both now less than 4KB).
  • Change.Installer: Upgraded to NSIS 2.42
  • Fix.InstallHelper: Improved automated termination of Process Lasso under Windows 2000.
  • Fix.InstallHelper: Fix issue installing core engine as service with non-local user context.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed issue where 'exit GUI on window close' option would cause the system tray icon to act incorrectly when double clicked.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed last character of log entries being sometimes lost in log item display.

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