CNET rates Process Lasso 4.5 of 5 stars

Started by Jeremy Collake, September 21, 2012, 12:58:44 PM

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Jeremy Collake


EDIT: Do note they have 4 (or more) editions listed of Process Lasso and have rated each differently, with some being reviewed recently (like this one) and others less recently. The more recent the review, the better the editor's rating ;)

This happened back on May 4, 2012, but I missed it! Since then, of course, have only gotten better - and are about to make another big leap forward.

I just hope that users remember the time and effort it takes. Today I got an email telling me they weren't going to pay and asking how to uninstall. Of course, it is easy to uninstall, and they aren't forced to pay -- and the program would mostly keep running anyway, but whatever ;). It makes me remember even more to appreciate those who have purchased a license. If you haven't purchased one, that's fine, but I encourage you to do so. I think this project has much more potential, and want to have a chance to make it what it should be!
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And after they has uninstall it, they found their computer is laggy again.  ;D

Jeremy Collake

It would not be surprising. Many users have. It is easy to forget it is there. You miss it when it is gone though!
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Jeremy Collake

Thanks ;). You are not the only one who felt a big difference after disabling core parking. It varies between CPUs and executive environments, but it seems in a large percentage of cases the core parking is simply too aggressive by default. That is why I even put that option in ProBalance (it can temporarily disable parking). I am supplementing ThreadRacer soon to do 'burst' CPU loads. This should give us a good synthetic measurement as to just how much it matters. Of course, it will just reinforce what I've already seen with my own eyes. The difference was definitely unmistakable.

I appreciate your vote of confidence and hope users do continue to support Bitsum, Process Lasso, and all the projects I work on.

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QuoteMaybe firefox v16 (beta) is also one factor, that got better too in the pas
Yup, and you need to wait their DLBI, OMTC and Generational GC.
The IonMonkey can only help when loading pages(and long-running apps), most of Firefox laggy is cause by the whole process is stop by the GC etc.
Maybe you are feeling the firefox v16 better is because of the iGC.
QuoteBut I felt the difference very strong when disabling core parking.
And yes, there are other function that affect too, but it is based on your software that using.
Like TCPNoDelay, it is affect on online game, but it helps when you are browsing internet etc. ;)