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Feature request - probalance scheduling

Started by Tom, December 30, 2008, 01:30:22 PM

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Just tried out process lasso and this thing is great!  I had originally written a little service that kills particular processes that were eating up my cpu cycles, but this is far more configurable... user friendly... pretty... :p 

Anyways, my coworker and I were talking and the one thing we'd be interested in seeing though is a way to schedule the disallowed processes list.  We have a bunch of intensive processes that gets run on our machines whenever it feels like it and it would be nice to lower the priority or kill it if it's during normal business hours for example, but then allow it to go about its merry way at other times.

Jeremy Collake

I'm glad you like Process Lasso ;).

Time scheduling of ProBalance is a good idea. I'll try to get that incorporated into a future version. It is now on the feature request list.

In the meantime, it would be possible to use the Windows Task Scheduler to automate replacement of the INI configuration file at certain times, disabling and enabling ProBalance. When the configuration file is replaced, the governor will see the change and enforce the new rules.

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