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3.37 beta

Started by RDMTECH, January 06, 2009, 02:56:21 PM

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Quote* Change.Core: By default each instance of the governor now only manages processes in its own user context, unless it is running in the system user context. This helps clarify operation and improve efficiency in XP and non-UAC Vista multi-user environments.
    * Addition.Core: Added new log entry at startup to indicate which user's processes are being managed by current instance.
    * Addition.GUI: Added new process 'rules' column, to give a quick depiction of matching rules.
    * Addition.INI: Added boolean key 'ManageOnlyCurrentUser'.

So if you run the governor as a service with a non local account it will still manage processes for all users?

Jeremy Collake

Funny you should mention that, as I just made this tweak this morning while I was reviewing the code ;). It will be in v3.37.2, which I'm uploading in just a minute.

So, now, the behavior is as follows:

+ Governor running as service in system context: All processes managed
+ Governor running as service in user context: All processes managed
+ Governor running as normal process: All processes managed only if UAC setting during install was set to 'HIGHEST' (or 'ManageOnlyCurrentUser' setting is FALSE in INI file)

I think I've got all the bases covered now. I'm doing final thinking and testing now, with plans to roll this new v3.38 final out today -- then get on to some major additions I have planned.

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