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Started by Mat71, October 05, 2012, 01:58:20 PM

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Yes, I have this also (GUI maximized after reboot with build .50), but then I found something being even more strange, see screenshot:

TrustedInstaller.exe had for minutes (!) this green  bar fully like in the picture. But why wasn't that shown (total CPU-use) in the graphics above? (Red line should be at the very top, right?) :-\ - Well, I don't know whats going on. But at least this GUI problem (being a small one) will be solved very soon I guess. ;) - If not the world doesn't fall apart.  8)

Jeremy Collake

On per-process vs total CPU:

That is strange. It is possible that a difference in timing caused the inconsistency, but that would only apply if it were brief and intermittent. Otherwise, I am not sure. Perhaps part of the graph is hidden by the memory load, though it should not be. Perhaps it is a painting error or inconsistency. The sources used to derive both metric (per-core and total %) are different, but both should be accurate without question. For instance, I do *not* simply 'add up' process usage to get total usage.

Of course, % used over a period of time is an imperfect measurement in itself, as CPU use is really much more 'burstful'.

I am going to be changing a few things around that may resolve this, but will keep my eyes open as to the possible cause, assuming it isn't a rare timing anomaly (time interval at which the CPU % calculation happens to be made).
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Jeremy Collake

On Main Window Shown Open instead of Minimized at Startup:

Split original topic to this thread:,1951.msg8991.html#msg8991  ... Which should be more active than this more bizarre anomaly reported later.

The issue in this topic is a different, unknown, issue that has not yet been reproduced or seen elsewhere.
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I'll throw my two cents worth of opinion in here regarding the graph.  The lines are much further apart than they used to be with only one going horizontally where as before there were seveeral depending on how high you made your graph at the top of the page.  Cosmetic yes, but  more difficult to approximate the percentage CPU at a glance than in the past.  How about at least three horizontal bars to represent 25%, 50%, 75%-- or four would even be better.  Just my opinion of course but the top graph portion of the GUI looked much better a few versions ago when there was less clutter.

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: bluelake on October 06, 2012, 12:48:41 PM
I'll throw my two cents worth of opinion in here regarding the graph.

The graph is due for a rewrite that I'm sure will satisfy everyone. I don't want to get too specific, but it will be a great improvement. I'll take these ideas into consideration, though think you'll be please anyway.
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