Some questions about using Process Lasso.

Started by grimreaper1014, November 01, 2012, 10:34:33 AM

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Hi guys,

I have a few questions about Process Lasso, and I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out? I play a real time strategy game on Facebook with a few of my friends. We all experience some laggy issues sometimes. From what I have noticed the flash player plugin can take up large amounts of member. I'm talking 400k + with multiple instances being show in the web browser. I have tried multiple browsers but they all seam to use right around the same amount of memory.  My questions is could Process Lasso be of some benefit to us? If so could someone tell me how to best set it up to achieve my goal?



I think it is the problem on the other side of the game, servers.
As the laggy is on the game, not the computer(that what PL can fix).
If they are other software that using the CPU too much, that what PL can fix.

So you can try install PL and see it is work or not  ;)


It is a browser based game. Is there a certain way I should setup Process lasso, or will it do what I need right after install? Thank you for your reply.


Just install Process Lasso, and it will start working.

If there are no improve, try disable Core-Parking.
If disable it no help, try set the affinity of the game to 1 core. ;)
I think the flash game is single thread. :)