Iexplore.exe running in background....... why ????

Started by Senlac_Hill, November 02, 2012, 03:03:32 AM

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I usually use Firefox as my web browser, and tonight, when I finished my session and closed it it was by chance I hovered my cursor over the ProLasso icon in the systray and it happened to be saying CPU: 25% ...... So, I took the cursor off the icon, waited a couple secs or so and went back and it was still 25%, so opening ProLasso, it was Iexplore.exe that was using the CPU !! What could be the reason for this.... like I said, I was using Firefox (v. 14.01) Through ProLasso I terminated the process and the CPU immediately dropped to about 0%......


It maybe is a virus, as the IE is iexplore.exe without the Capital I.
You can open the task manager, right click on it, click on "Open File Location", and scan it with anti-virus, or upload to VirusTotal to check for it.
If it is a virus, you better scan whole your computer's hard disk with a better anti-virus  :)


I have found IE and Firefox both have trouble shutting down sometimes. You probably used it quite a while ago and it never completely closed itself. In XP it is the only way to get windows updates so maybe this was the case?


Hi Senlac. Are you suing Windows 7 or 8 for this?
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Quote from: nikkil on November 08, 2012, 01:33:47 PM
Hi Senlac. Are you suing Windows 7 or 8 for this?

Hiya Nikkil......... Nah, Not suing Windows 7 OR EVEN 8.... I am however coordinating a combined arms Artillery and Air strike, to be followed with a massive Armor and Infantry assault. The initial attack will be preceded by a massive thrust consisting of the entire membership of the Freemasons representing every Lodge in the United States to undermine the users minds with dark tales of conspiracy, a contingent of rather small furry creatures with heads full of bad teeth, and just to make a point.... about a half dozen really pissed off Astartes warriors fresh from the Great Heretical Buttkicking they received on Isstvan......

Well..... since I do use Windows 7 myself, the orneryness will have to be reserved for Windows 8 only...... But NO, Nikkil, I am Not Suing.... Don't be silly......   ???


@Hotrod @BenYeeHua !!!

Many thanks for the suggestions and ideas, I did check for Virus/Malware activity in spite of the copy of iexplore.exe being the correct one, with no nasties uncovered and I have not had that situation happen again soooo.... methinks the case is closed for now !!! Thanks Again !!!


Well, ok ;)
If that happen again, just try "reset" IE. ;D
Sometimes it is cause by some ActiveX.

Jeremy Collake

BenYeeHua and HotRod are right as always. Yea, it can be caused by an ActiveX control, or a browser add-on (most likely, I don't use IE so don't keep up with its architectural changes). If you can not terminate it though, this means it is holding a low level handle to a hardware device. If you can terminate it, then that's sadly just par for the course for IE and short of making sure you have no unnecessary add-ons, there isn't much you can do besides switch browsers. Of course, every browser has their own unique issues, lol.
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