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Started by Jeremy Collake, November 04, 2012, 07:37:41 PM

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Jeremy Collake

I have many things on the agenda, almost an overwhelming number of things, but I will be knocking them out fast now that I'm getting back to 100% after a recent illness. For those of you who had to wait this last week on this or that change, I do apologize. I want to make sure the next version makes a good leap forward, and honestly - my brain feels like someone hit the reset button after being so ill. I have to recollect my thoughts, figure out where I was at and what needs to be done. Fortunately I track such things, so should be in good shape to make it happen.
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 :-\  (<- that smiley says it's meant to emote "undecided" but it looks like it would work for "empathetic" also)

I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I know illness is something we all deal with to some extent, inevitably, but it's still sad. Maybe it feels sad because we've probably all been there and know how debilitating and annoying illness and/or injury can be and can therefore empathize; I'm well aware of the "fun" to be had during recovery after a bout with a nontrivial illness or anything which negatively alters abilities or perceptions.

I'm happy that you're back and pleased that you track your coding/development so you can feel like yourself again that much more quickly.


Jeremy Collake

Thank you :)

Although I honestly felt like I was going to die, or wanted to die at times, the illness did give me a 'mental reset', which gives me a fresh perspective on a great many things. I've patched up some rough relationships with people, taken an objective look at my work, etc... So, maybe it will turn out for the best. That said, another week of that and I'd be in real trouble as sales slipped this week on all products. That's no surprise, people like a developer to be around!
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I guess consumers can be finicky.  That's unfortunate, particularly when the developer in question is as dedicated to his work as you are.  I fear that my words might come across as "sucking up" or something similar, but I think it's important to give credit where credit is due.

I know of few solo/indie developers who are as devoted as you are and I think that if anyone were to honestly evaluate and enumerate developers who fit into the same category as Bitsum (company size/size and number of development team(s)/number of actively-developed products/whether updates are delivered when bugs are found on new and/or old software/response to customers' demands or requests, updates based on new OS variations/overall satisfaction of customers who buy the product and know what it does/integrity and honesty in the PC market relative to the average developer/etc.) that Bitsum would rank in the upper echelon, the top tier of developers who are comparable in many other ways.

I feel like a brown-noser, so to speak, after having typed a paragraph like that one, but some things are indisputable facts.  I guess even facts can be disputed, so I just added the strike-through in the previous sentence... besides, I started the diatribe with "I think" so it must be an opinion... or is it?

It is my opinion that gravity pulls the mass of my body toward the nearest/largest center-of-mass inside the Earth, and most people would probably call that a fact. So would I. However, it's still my opinion, just as the opinion I called a fact in the first paragraph would possibly be also called a fact by a lot of others who are familiar with the details or who can think of companies similar to Bitsum and can perform a mental or other comparison.  We've maybe in the past bought software that hasn't been supported afterward in any way.  We've possibly been duped or scammed by snake-oil salespersons or con artists.  I know what I consider to be good support, and I'm probably stricter than some and looser than others where that opinion is concerned, and what qualities I consider to be hallmarks that exemplify a good developer will probably continue to evolve as I age, as it has since I got my first console in the late '70s and my first computer a few years after that. (Atari VCS PAC-MAN sucked! Activision made great games for the first-generation consoles! XEVIOUS in the arcade was a blast!)

Nevertheless, my opinion is, well, my opinion.

People don't say enough nice things to other people in the world these days, and when I get the chance to express a kind thought which is also honest, I enjoy doing so.  I (naturally) want nothing in return, because saying .... err, typing it is its own reward.  Besides, I think I remember you posting sometime a couple of years ago that positive feedback is great for your morale/self-esteem and gives you greater incentive to work on the software.  (See? I'm being a little selfish too... but then, it's after midnight and I was exhausted hours ago. When I'm tired I almost always ramble.  Usually it's pretty nonsensical and I think I'm now heading downhill fast, starting around the time I typed the previous open-parenthesis.  I'd better go to bed now while I can still see straight.)

Jeremy Collake

Thank you very much Dan ;). I appreciate it a lot. You are right, I do live and breath my work. Not just because I have to pay my rent either, it is who I am, what I do. Without it, I'd be lost. I am extremely lucky to have supporters, especially supporters like yourself, and for that you have my eternal gratitude!
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Hey everybody, how about we change or copy this thread into an "Appreciate Bitsum!" thread?  8)

If there are enough people who truly appreciate what Jeremy does for us, it could be moved into a more generalized Bitsum forum and everyone would benefit, Bitsum, contributors and non-contributors alike! Contributions would probably be welcomed (monetary and textual) anyway, I would imagine, but base your donations (in that type of forum) on the words of customers (and maybe any direct responses from Jeremy)!

(Just an idea....)


It may be overdoing it (to use the words from the following post) if not many people respond to the idea, but if a lot of people are appreciative of Bitsum's various positive qualities and indicate that in this thread, it might be an idea worth considering! Of course, it would be a good idea to indicate at the top of the thread that the idea was completely customer-generated and that Jeremy's responses are merely responses to the "Customer Appreciation Thread" messages and are sincere and not pleas for more customers or support. If the customers' words can speak for themselves and attract more contributions, great, but I know Jeremy would never support anything that seems dishonest or otherwise insincere.

Maybe we should take it to a blog somewhere so it's more obviously not endorsed by Bitsum.  If enough supporters reply here, though, I think it can be integrated into these forums with appropriate disclaimers indicating that the content originates with satisfied customers.  To balance it out, perhaps an "Customer Anti-Appreciation" forum/thread could be created at the same time where unhappy customers **who were unable to resolve their problems via the usual support routes** could post.  Obvious spammers would be excluded as they are in the forums already, and a link to the support forums/pages could be stickied in that forum with a "READ THIS FIRST!" subject. Or maybe the external blog would work instead.... or in addition.  I don't know.  I haven't had a topic for a Google+ page yet for my G+ account. I wonder...

Jeremy Collake

LOL, that may be overdoing it, but is a kind idea :). I encourage anyone who likes our software to say so elsewhere, as that is where it counts most! Sorry I got your name wrong, I just assumed :)
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No worries re: the name!  I could probably say the same about your name... but that'd make for a very small pun.  Also, IMO, the minor  regression testing oversight ("click here for revision history") was another "not a big enough problem to lose sleep over or feel embarrassed about..." thing, which you fixed within minutes of my having brought it up regardless. (Yet another example of your superlative support, reading your forums and responding virtually immediately)

Too much worry increases cortisol "the stress hormone" in your brain and lowers the effectiveness of your immune system, so just continue tracking your development progress in case you have more downtime in the future (I guess it's not if, but when) and be positive!  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.  This is not medical advice, just friendly banter.

(Also, please see the text I added to my previous message, above)


So many words :o
I think many people don't use the useful "Subject:" and "Message icon:", like with a Thumb Up icon  ;)
And ya, we are not the doctor, but this is our body, so we should take care of it, and learn something about it. :)

I found that, many user don't giving some review/opinion after using the software.
Maybe it can be collect by pop out a balloon or other thing that didn't affect the user too much.
Like after installed 30 days, pop out a balloon"Can you give a review/opinion about this software?"
And uninstall too. :)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks, coincidentally I am trying to relax more. Trust me though, there are always people wanting something, and I do what I can for as many as I can.

I always hated those kind of pop-up 'do you want to take a survey?' type things... But, I dunno. I will think on this some more. If we were better organized, we could get the word out, since I sure can't afford to 'buy' getting the word out (in the form of paid advertising).
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I only hate that, a pop-up is always pop-up whatever I do, like after I tick the "Don't pop-up again"(or where are this option!? :o).
But ya, many people hate pop-up as too many software behaving like that... :P
Like I am watching a movie or doing other thing that are important for me 8), pop! ???
Maybe just jump out a "survey?" window with this condition.
1.After 30days used.
2.Open the PL windows.
And ?
1.After buying/paying PL. :)


About bloatware, yup, I am using 360safeguard having the feature that you need, but it is too bloatware.
But it only bloatware at the disk, not the Ram, so it is ok for me.
And yes, customers like the news about the software, but remember to give unsubscribe. ;)
And did you ready for some offer(discount, as "offer" is used at Malaysia only :))?
As the Christmas is coming, I am getting many emails for some discount, plus some software too.(buy 1 free 1 ;D)
So you must ready for the Christmas, and the "gift" function, too.
Because they know when Christmas is coming, discount is coming too, so they are ready to buy/gift the software that useful to their friend.

So be READY 8), they are coming.
You can start ready to email/inform the free version customers, it is better via PL ;)
About lifetime license, they will like to "donate", as they wanna you to continue support PL, they will support you first :)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I figure most importantly I need to focus on making sure I have a good product. Sadly this leaves little time for marketing like it should be marketed. I may, however, start at least sending out renewal reminder emails and/or offers. The same the user should encounter if they continue to update the product.
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I made a Boo Boo. Your update post for.86 had a typo (the first line header said .74) so as mod i tried to fix it and messed up the entire thing. Sorry :(

Jeremy Collake

Don't worry about it man, thanks for trying to clean up my mistake ;)
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