Has the "rules" column been removed for good?

Started by Scott, January 10, 2009, 10:09:53 PM

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3.38 had the new "rules" column, but 3.40 doesn't...  Or is it me?   :-\


QuoteProcess Lasso v3.40 released  « Reply #1 on: Today at 05:42:31 pm »   Summary: This build fixes an anomaly in v3.38, where configuration changes wouldn't always propagte to the core engine. The configuration file load and save functionality has also been completely rewritten, and is now much more optimal. Disk accesses and CPU usage have been reduced. Lastly, multiple process selection support has been added.


  • Addition.GUI: Added ability to select multiple processes in the listview.  Change.Core: Completely rewrote configuration file load/save code. It is now much more efficient.  Removal.GUI: Removed Matching Rules column for some tweaking in the next build.  Fix.GUI: Fixed sporadic failure of configuration changes to propagate to the core engine, appeared in v3.38.  Fix.Governor: Fixed unnecessary accesses to the configuration file.  Fix.InstallHelper: Improved W2k auto-termination of Process Lasso for install.
32-bit build: http://www.bitsum.com/files/pssetup.zip
64-bit build: http://www.bitsum.com/files/pssetup64.zip
Pro build: http://www.bitsum.com/support.php


Oops, I overlooked that, despite "reading" those release notes.  Thanks.

Jeremy Collake

I actually have added it back this morning, and I am about to upload v3.40.1 with it restored. I discovered that I had made an errror in the implementation that caused each config change events to not get noticed by either the rules column or the governor (one or the other). Needless to say, this was very serious, as to many people it might appear that Process Lasso just wasn't working. I was quite upset when I discovered this. I find it so hard to adequately test my own code for some reason. I suppose I should take some comfort in the fact that I found the bug in my own testing, instead of having to be notified by users.

Anyway, I was in a hurry last night and just killed that column to get the new final out. I did a proper fix just now, as I reviewed the final code changes. So, it'll be back in about 5 minutes ;).
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I wasn't trying to rush you or whine; I was just wondering.

Believe it or not, I used to be a software engineer.  It is very hard to test your own code, for the same reason it's hard to proofread your own writing.  You subconsciously skip over certain things.

Thanks for the note.  :)