Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.42 released  (Read 9777 times)

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Process Lasso v3.42 released
« on: January 16, 2009, 04:18:20 PM »
Summary: This build makes some minor adjustments and fixes, and adds a great Portuguese/Brazilian translation.

  • Addition.GUI: Added Portuguese/Brazilian translation.
  • Addition.TestLasso: Added new command line switch (-c) to run with a sustained CPU load for X seconds.
  • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where instance count limit process matching was inadvertently case sensitive under some circumstances. This would cause some name matches to fail, resulting in the Process Lasso taking no action where it was configured to act.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed incorrect verb in confirmation message box of multi-process terminate and close.
  • Change.GUI: Changed date/time formats.
  • Change.Core: The username field in log events now is the user owning the target process, instead of the user context of the core engine instance that performed the action.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Edited second configuration dialog to improve clarity.
  • Change.Installer: Language selection of installer now propagates to Process Lasso application.
  • Removal.Installer: Removed localization pack for translators from installer, is packaged separately now. This reduces installer size.

32-bit build:
64-bit build:
Pro build:

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