WmiPrvSe.exe and Process Lasso

Started by molngab, December 02, 2012, 06:08:41 AM

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I would like control the WmiPrvSE.exe process with Process lasso.
Wmiprvse.exe is a part of Win op system, not a 3rd party process.
I can't control it with lasso!
If I check the main window of lasso (all processes + active processes) I don't see the wmiprvse.exe. So, I can't make some control rules.
Why don't appear this process in the processes list?



make sure you have "manage user of all types" set on in main menu .
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Jeremy Collake

Yes, and you may also need to elevate Process Lasso. Note that in the current version if you change the state of Process Lasso elevation, you may then see UAC prompts at login. To fix this, run the installer again. The last InstallHelper configuration dialog should be set correctly, so you need not change anything. It will then start elevated, but without the UAC prompts. This is something I'm working on right now.
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