A user question about Pandora (applies to any multimedia application)

Started by Jeremy Collake, December 03, 2012, 05:08:44 PM

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Jeremy Collake

User question: Pandora playback gets interrupted when I am browsing the web. What can I do?

Pandora's playback thread is already running at a real-time priority and registered with the multimedia class scheduler, assuming this is Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Therefore, you can't do much to further increase its priority. All you can do is limit the interference of other applications, something Process Lasso's ProBalance does by default. However, ProBalance does act cautiously, therefore you may need to tweak it. You may want to turn off 'exclude foreground processes', allowing it to restrain the application you are actively using (e.g. web browser). This will keep the web browser from interfering with Pandora to some degree.

When streaming playback like Pandora, also be aware of your internet connection. A disruption in connectivity could cause playback issue.
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Or use a browser that depend more on hardware acceleration, bring the task on CPU to GPU.
Except the problem is cause by Internet connection. ;D


I may depend greatly on exactly WHAT things you like to do with your browser. If you are visiting a gaming website where the pages are very "busy" ie alot of graphics and sounds and scripts, these will tax your bandwidth to the point that it stalls anything else using the network. I have found that most browsers WANT to have the connection to the page you request at the expense of everything on the system. I have had my browser eat so much bandwidth that nothing else can get a bite.  Or on the opposite side one that completely locks up my PC because it can't get ALL the items on a page and goes into an indefinite "Wait" cycle that grinds everything else to a halt.