Is this practical?

Started by brandon02852, December 15, 2012, 05:51:54 PM

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I have a dual core Intel processor (i3-3225) and with HyperThreading I have 4 total cores.

I currently have all my OS processes and minor background processes set to the HyperThreaded cores (1 and 3) and have my multimedia programs/games set to use the physical cores (0 and 2).  The logic behind this (to me anyway) is that anything the OS and my background programs do will not interfere in any way with my multimedia programs and games.  I have also heard that things perform better on non-HyperThreaded cores (i.e the physical cores) so assigning the important stuff to those would be best.

Is this a practical approach to assigning processor affinities?


I can say it affect more.
I has trying it on a game, and getting the performance of the game less.
This is because the game main thread is single thread, but it has other threads too.
Like thread for I/O, sound, video, mouse etc...
So the other threads has to wait for the main thread, and when processing the other threads, the main thread has to waiting for it also.
The best way is, don't set it, just let the kernel do its work.
And disable core-parking. ;)