I cant download the latest version.

Started by sst, July 13, 2008, 11:33:37 AM

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I cant download the latest version.

I have ProcessLasso V.2.98

When i try to update in the software it show me = 2.98.1, but it dont whant to download.

Even on the website, i see the url link x64 x86 2.98.1, but when i download it =  it is the 2008/7/8, file 2.98.

Sylvain St-Amand (sst)
Translator of Process Lasso = French [Canada-Québec].
Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Final Build 7600

Jeremy Collake

It is because v2.98.1 doesn't really exist. There is only v2.98. I added the '.1' because I updated the binary once since its release to fix a typo. I will revert the database to 'v2.98' so there is no confusion. I had changed it yesterday, which was an error.

When determining the actual version of Process Lasso, always use the 'internal engine version'.

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