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Processes from other users?

Started by af4t, February 01, 2009, 10:43:24 AM

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We use the Windows XP "fast user switch" option here, but on a very old machine ...

Other than the config option to manage processes from other users, is there a way to reduce the priority of processes from other users across the board?  I.e. user "Jane" wants all processes from user "John" running at below-normal priority.

Thanks, and Apologies if there's already and answer posted, that would mean there's a failure between the keyboard & the screen  :o

Jeremy Collake

That's an interesting idea, but not currently possible with Process Lasso. I will definitely add that to the feature request list, as I believe many users would find it helpful. However, I can't say for sure when, or even if, it will appear in Process Lasso.

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