Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.46 released  (Read 13725 times)

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Process Lasso v3.46 released
« on: February 04, 2009, 10:59:50 AM »

  • Fix.GUI: Fixed issue when governor installed as a service, launching the GUI can sometimes result in redundant instance(s) of the governor launched as a normal process.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed issue where Process Lasso would exit after load during system startup when user had enabled 'Exit GUI on window close'.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed sort of process creation time in listview.
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed sort of log entry times in actions listview.
  • Fix.InstallHelper: Warning message about Pro only features now shown in localized language.
  • Fix.Installer: Don't create shortcut for Vista Multimedia Scheduler Config tool when not present in free build.
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed is_writable utility briefly opening console window.
  • Addition.Localization: Japanese translation added (beta).
  • Addition.Core: Added new shell icon.
  • Addition.GUI: Added CTRL-A keyboard short-cut to select all processes.
  • Addition.GUI: Added message about Real Time priority class and how Windows may change it to High, unless the security policy is adjusted.
  • Addition.GUI: Added secondary warning and confirmation when user is terminating, restarting, or closing multiple processes that include one or more system processes.
  • Change.GUI: Made system tray icon type menu items more intuitive.
  • Change.GUI: Single click on system tray icon opens main window, instead of double click. This was for better standards adherence in Windows 7 beta.
  • Change.Core: Tweaked compiler settings.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Enabled Process Lasso rights selection in XP, as it pertains there too for limited users who want to see 'all processes' (not recommended).
  • Change.Localization: Updated Portuguese/Brazilian translation, by Vitor Machado.
  • Change.Localization: Updated Russian translation by Dmitry Yerokhin.
  • Change.Localization: Localization text files are now all saved as UTF-16-LE (Unicode).
  • Change.Localization: Improved internal utilities and build environment. Resource changes are now automatically propagated to all languages. Untranslated new and changed strings remain in English until a translator updates the applicable language pack.
  • Removal.Installer: Removed 'uninstall' shortcut from start menu folder. User should uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, to ensure administrative run mode.
  • Change.Installer: Don't try to UAC self-elevate during uninstall, instead force user to run (or re-run) uninstaller with admin rights.

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