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Started by legendtemp, February 04, 2009, 08:46:50 PM

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中国å¸,场这么大ã€,怎么就没有中文界面å'¢ã€,毕竟中国旧机器还是很多çš,,ã€,å¦,果是新机就没å¿...要ç"¨è¿™æ ·çš,,软ä½"了ã€,

Jeremy Collake

I'm sorry, we do not currently provide support in Japanese. We are hoping to have a Japanese distributor soon who will be able to help you.
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According to Google Translator, this is chinese:
QuoteSuch a large Chinese market. How it would be no Chinese language interface. After all, China is still a lot of older machines. If it is not necessary to use the new machine software such a
Well if you want a Chinese translation you can contribute one yourself. Just grab the localization files here, translate and send it to the developer (Jeremy Collake). ;)
There's no way for Jeremy himself or anyone be able to provide every language people request, so if you really want it you have to contribute or wait someone else do so.
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