pehidetext configure in vc6 post-build

Started by dpat123, March 03, 2009, 03:24:37 AM

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could you tell me how i should setup vc6.0 post-build cammnd so that i calls pehidetext on build exe

i tried this

call cmd
call pehidetext

nothing is working i have it in path but vc just hangs waiting for some kind of input it is also not possible to call it from bat file

:\diamond\Analyzer2D\Bruter\BruterDlg.cpp(1314) : warning C4101: 'except' : unreferenced local variable
LINK : warning LNK4089: all references to "ole32.dll" discarded by /OPT:REF
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Jeremy Collake

There is no special trick to it. You should be able to just specifiy "PEHideText" once you have included its path in the Visual Studio settings (see VC++ Directories / Executable Directories, iirc). It must be there, not just in the system path. Alternatively, just reference it by its full path, like: "C:\program files\PECompact2\PEHideText.exe" (or whatever).
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