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Users of v3.50 and v3.51, UPGRADE NOW!- Governor will quit working after 7 days!

Started by Jeremy Collake, March 08, 2009, 10:07:17 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Ok, I'm not perfect ;(. I've been bashing myself all morning over a mistake I made in v3.50 and v3.51 beta.

First, this applies ONLY to the FREE build. Registered users are not affected.

During changes to the licensing system, a portion of the governor wasn't updated, causing it to actually expire after 7 days. Unfortunately, due to the way it terminates, the user doesn't even see a log entry, so is left not knowing what happened. Some users may not even notice that it isn't working.

This bad build was online for 3 days, and about 25% of the active user base probably upgraded.

I have now fixed this problem in v3.52, so please upgrade now.

I apologize for any troubles this has caused. The only bright spot is that by the time the user has had v3.50 installed for 7 days, it will also be time for an update check ;).
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