Process Lasso Tip: Another way of reaching of configuration files

Started by hanemach_gt, March 16, 2013, 05:53:41 PM

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You can select an appropriate option from the GUI or execute this batch one-liner to open up both current user and global Process Lasso INIs:

for %A in (HKEY_CURRENT_USER;HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) do (for /f "tokens=3*" %B in ('reg query "%A\Software\ProcessLasso" /v "ConfigFile"') do "%B %C")

If you want to save it to a batch file, then you need to preceed percent signs in the above command line like this:

for %%A in (HKEY_CURRENT_USER;HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) do (for /f "tokens=3*" %%B in ('reg query "%%A\Software\ProcessLasso" /v "ConfigFile"') do "%%B %%C")

Summing it up, use the first command line if you have run the Command Prompt and have to type the command by hand in the prompt, and use the second one if you want to have a script that would open both the configuration files.

It may be particularly useful if you want to empty some parameters quickly, for instance, to reset the disallowed processes list.
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