Author Topic: PECompact v2.98.6 released  (Read 17923 times)

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PECompact v2.98.6 released
« on: March 31, 2009, 02:39:00 PM »
This version is a special update prior to the v3.00 build. It performs general polishing and maintenance.

  • Fix.Core: Fixed problem with compression of some previously signed modules. Note that the signature is removed after compression, since it will be invalidated by the changes.
  • Fix.GUI: Fix to display of compression ratio.
  • Fix.Installer: Improved Vista+ UAC support.
  • Change.All: Removed use of alternate HKCU\PECompact2 registry key.
  • Change.Core: Cleaned up console output.
  • Change.Core: Removed /AllowSecurityDirectory (/Asd) command line parameter (now always 'Yes').
  • Change.GUI: Removed 'Ignore Security Directory' option.
  • Change.Installer: Language selection is now propagated from the installer to GUI, removing redundant language selection on first run of the GUI.
  • Change.PEClassify: Cleaned up console output.
  • Addition.PEClassify: Added PE or PE+ type output.
  • Addition.Package: Added new plug-in to break automated decompression by UN2PEC, pec2hooks_break_un2pec. (registered version only)

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