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Started by bluelake, April 01, 2009, 03:43:35 PM

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This is suggestion would be a lot of work but could there at some point during development a way to be able to click on a particular spot on the graph and have the list of processes, usual information etc pop up for that exact snapshot in time?  The log of the processes that were hoggin the show is a great feature but my thought is I could look to see whatever else might be affecting the situation as well.  I'm certainly not a programmer, but I can imagine it would almost have to be a new product version-- Process Pro Platinum to borrow from todays slogans-- but man what a feature.  I'd pay you again for it in a heartbeat.

Thanks for allowing the input!


Sounds good, but I am not sure if Process Lasso has got such ambitions.
btw: similar feature(s) (including clicking and getting report of the current load at specific moment) has been available as "Resource manager" in some Citrix products.

Some screenshot can be seen here:


Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestion. Although I may not store that much historical data, there are plans to add a little more historical perspective by displaying on the graph the per-process CPU history of selected processes in the listview. I also plan to add other historical data by rolling over parts of the graph, but I don't want to go into details yet. I have been concerned only about the graph becoming more cluttered, but I have a plan to mitigate that.
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Hell, even something as simple as a timestamp when rolling over the graph would help you find that point in the logs to determine what happened. I have always wanted a bit more function out of the logs themselves rather than the graph. For instance, since we can only view a small portion of the timeline with the graph, many processes get logged as being restrained which aren't currently running when we have the time to sort things out. While I can find the offending process file, I only know it has been restrained at some point, but I have no way of knowing it's default priority or affinity if it hasn't been set by me personally. This makes it hard to set up rules for the process unless I can catch it "in the act". Maybe a few right click options for the log would be easier to implement and provide faster results in the long run?