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Started by arom, April 18, 2013, 10:13:21 AM

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Hi (and sorry my poor English),

PL is very powerfull programm. I lack only one possibility: switching profiles on the CPU load condition.
What I have in mind is that additional option in Energy Saver, switching from the active profile to a energy saving profile IF the CPU load is less than xx%. And switching back from saving up IF the CPU load is higher than xx%.

Now (in my case) profiles switches from Balanced to ES when the computer is inactive for 60 seconds. In ES profile, I allow only one CPU core to run. But my computer is acting as a server (2008 r2), and sometimes the load is increased without any active user interaction: as a result, PL believes that the computer is always in Idle state (and always ES profile with only one core running is active).
It would be great if there was an additional condition: WHEN the CPU load is above xx% (say, 50%) - to switch profiles back from ES.

So, for example:
"Force this power profile..." - say, Ballanced;
check - "Enable Power Sever";
"When my PC is idle for:" - say, 60 sec;
"Switch to Power Profile" - say, Energy Saving;
check - "Allow switching only if CPU load less then" - percents;
check - "Force switching back if CPU load higher then" - percents.

Thanks again for a wonderful program, I am glad to try it.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestion! We will eventually add power profile switching the Watchdog, which will allow you to set rules to switch power profiles on any number of events.
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