Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.00 released  (Read 8906 times)

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Process Lasso v3.00 released
« on: July 20, 2008, 10:25:57 AM »
Process Lasso v3.00 changes the default out-of-control process restraint behavior to 'exclude foreground processes'. Existing users may want to use the process restraint configuration dialog to reset the variables to their new defaults. This release also adds a new utility, the Vista Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool (see Options / Advanced - or the start menu). Note that this new bonus utility is still in beta development, as it needs minor polishing here and there. For the most part, its done and ready to be used though.

Changes from v2.98:
  • Addition.Package: Added utility to configure Vista's multimedia scheduling service. This utility still needs a little work, so keeping it in beta until its done (next week or so).
  • Addition.GUI: Added menu option to launch Vista multimedia scheduling configuration tool.
  • Addition.GUI: Renamed 'Vista UAC' start menu folder to 'Vista Tools' and added option to launch vistammsc"
  • Addition.GUI: Added a 'No default priority' menu item for the process context menu default priority menu. This seems more clear than having to uncheck the current default priority to remove it.
  • Change.GUI: Minor adjustments and optimizations.
  • Change.GUI: The default behavior is now to exclude foreground processes from OOC restraint. Users may wish to restore the process restraint defaults (use the Process Restraint variables dialog).
  • Fix.UACBatchFiles: Fixed unupdated filenames and other errata.
  • Change.GUI: Disabled Polish and Russian until updates are provided (they were crashing).
  • Change.GUI: Removed beg balloon.
  • [.2]Change.VistaMMSC: Added balloon tips.
  • [.2]Change.VistaMMSC: Added 'Backup' button and removed mandate of backup before save.
  • [.2]Change.VistaMMSC: Other cosmetic and function changes.
  • [.2]Change.GUI: Included updated Russian translation.

Download x32: (
Download x64: (
Download Pro: (

Screenshot of new Vista Multimedia Scheduler configuration tool:

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