VirtualBox resists termination

Started by bertie97, June 10, 2013, 11:27:47 AM

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Trying VBox & found it locks up occasionally (as I'm testing that dinosaur XP in it) but PL will not terminate the thread.  :o
I've come to rely on PLs' task killing capabilities which are way better than TM.

Any ideas?


Force Terminate?
Maybe it has some ability to prevent kill by the process other than Task Manager. :)


Force Terminate doesn't work  :(
That's why I'm posting, normally Force Terminate gets rid of the progs TM can't handle. ;)


Did you try killing it with other Task Manager like Process Explorer?
So we can know it is limit to killed by Windows Task Manager, or this is a bug for ProcessLasso. :)


Didn't try Proc Explorer
After about 15 reboots to clear the locked program I decided to delete it all & try something different !!
As far as I could tell it was related to the USB input interface.  I updated to the latest extension but as the driver was loading on device detection, the VM locked up & nothing would close the VB instance.
I don't know if that points you in the right direction?  Could a locked call to USB ports prevent a shutdown if it was in a loop? 
As soon as I tried accessing the device the VM locked up.  I have used the device on a XP VM before, just not on this current VB build.


I think it can, as VM can access hardware directly now.

And we also can't kill it, as VM is handling the hardware, just like you are facing the freeze on the driver install and you can't restart, you need to force shutdown(by clicking on the shutdown button 3 sec or restart button) too. :)

Jeremy Collake

Generally speaking, if Process Lasso can't terminate something, then it shouldn't be terminated. I suppose there are exceptions though.

There is definitely some device issue here. It would require a lot of investigation - locally - to figure out exactly what's going on.

I personally use VMWare Workstation, so don't have much experience with VirtualBox.
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