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Event ID 41

Started by bertie97, June 11, 2013, 02:08:22 PM

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Anyone know anything about what may cause this?
Have random reset occurrences on a laptop with Win7x64.  [Intel i5]
No dumps or error logs written just ID 41 recorded in Event viewers logs.
Time of day; day of month; temperature (ambient or unit); load; type or number of progs running; uptime etc
Nothing seems to make a difference.  Might be twice in 10 minutes or once in 20 days...

Driving me crazy.   >:(


Have you tried gradually disabling/uninstalling software/drivers to determine the moment when the problem is gone?
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when you say resets, you mean random reboots ?
See if this helps any .
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Quote from: edkiefer on June 11, 2013, 04:49:49 PM
when you say resets, you mean random reboots ?
See if this helps any .
I also found that link. :)
And also check the BIOS, a broken Power Button don't cause this as this is a restart issues(except you has the BIOS set as start the computer after power fail.). :)


Thanks for the replies guys.
I have rolled the unit back to factory defaults & gradually tried different software also.  The problem with (most?) laptops is the drivers never seem to see any major upgrades.  You check for updates & it's still the same as it was 6 months ago... I can try a generic driver on some hardware but of course it's not recommended & hasn't changed anything yet either.

I looked at that MS explanation a few times & it doesn't seem to apply, the events occur when the battery is at 100% & it's on AC, started when the unit was about 6 months old so the hardware 'should' be good...
I decided that maybe something was drawing too much power & forcing a reset (rebooting as if I pushed a reset button) but no dice.  Doesn't matter what or how much is running nor how long, so I'm thinking intermittent hardware fault but it's just so random.  ::)


It could be hardware related, PS , only thing I can see is check cooling is good and everything is plugged in right, if you can easy get to inside of case .

Did you setup windows so it doesn't automatic reboot on crashes ?

Control panel>system>advanced system settings>startup and recovery>settings>system files , disable automatic restart

Make sure "write an event to the system log" is checked
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Maybe there are some short circuit?

And did you remember when it will be restart?
Like typing the keyboards etc. :)


I went through a period of switching external devices, buying extra cooling & monitoring temps.
Load, temp, devices, what is being done - none of it makes a difference.
It is as random as I can imagine, & I've been looking for common factors quite intensively in logs etc.

I did disable the the 'restart on BSOD' option but I haven't got any results yet.  Investigating logs etc shows nothing, in fact there is an absence of logging & on restart 'missing' folders logged during boot.  Makes me think the HDD is taking a good belt & losing a chunk of data every time.

I think it must be hardware but it hasn't shown itself yet o any diagnostics :(


Yup, it is hard to find out why, if you don't has the step to make it happen again and again. :)