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Started by dubzhouse, May 18, 2009, 03:41:46 AM

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I just recently downloaded this software to try and get my Affinity setting to stay and i am having difficulty doing that. I am trying to find software to make it permanent but it isnt working. I want to set my affinity for my CPU folding client to cores 0,1,2 which i am able to do and it keeps after every reboot. I want to have both of my folding GPU clients affinity to stick with cores 2,3 and they stay that way until a work unit is done or until i reboot and then they dont go back to what i set them as. In the program it says rules for those two programs are 2,3 but the affinity is not set there after they restart so i manually have to go in and change them. Am i doing something wrong or is this how it is?

Thanks in advance for your help

Jeremy Collake

You may want to try turning on 'Options / More strictly enforce default priorities and affinities'. Some programs change their own affinities or priorities and this option will make sure whatever you set as the defaults is enforced, even if the programs try to change themselves. I assume you are choosing the 'Default CPU affinity' option, instead of the 'Set current CPU affinity'.

Let me know how it turns out.
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Not the original poster, but have the same problem currently with
Pro V 3.84 [64 bit]:

Running Folding@Home SMP version.
Set Forced Mode = true = checked
(Also have checked box in Options: More strictly enforce default affinities)
Set Default affinities to CPUs 4-7 for process FahCore_a3.exe (all lower case in your rule dialog box)
But the process still starts up with affinity for CPUs 0-7
But is responsive to Process Lasso's setting the current affinity to 4-7 once running
(Not obvious how to attach screen shot.)

Anything else to try?

Jeremy Collake

That is strange. I just checked to ensure no case sensitivity problems exist, and saw no indication of any issues. Are the log entries being written for that process, saying Process Lasso changed the affinity (or tried to)?
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Just off the top of my head--I really know nothing about this--if the process is running under another user account ID, as would be the case for a system service (some long-running computation processes are designed as non-interactive system services, since that way they survive user log-off), then changing process affinity/priority would require either the Lasso "ProcessGovernor.exe" to be running as that other user ID, or else have administrative privileges.

In other words, see if this isn't a process privileges problem...