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"you may not have sufficient rights"

Started by gamesturbator, June 20, 2013, 08:10:42 AM

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I switched to Windows 8 recently (I love it now that I use Start8 and a few other tweaks). I've taken ownership of any problem files I run into (that require special permission). Yet a lot of the time I cannot forcefully terminate a process. Just now I cannot close CPUID HWMonitor (you may not have sufficient rights to terminate it). I've even had occasional trouble terminating Steam and Utorrent! Seems quite random but sometimes Windows 8 just locks a process (denying permission) and Process Lasso simply can't get around it, so I  have to log out of Windows just to get back to normal. I never ran into this issue with Windows 7. Any suggestions on what to do when this happens?

Jeremy Collake

I'm not sure what might be going on. I assume you do know to make sure Process Lasso is elevated. Since CPUID uses a kernel mode driver, it could be that it's hung up waiting on I/O from the driver. But since you say it's a larger issue, I don't know. You shouldn't have this trouble. I've been running Windows 8 for my primary development machine since it was released to manufacturing, so it's not an OS compatibility issue.

Since the issues are intermittent, it could be some faulty driver or hardware that is causing I/O requests to get 'hung up'.

Of course, if you use any third-party security software, disable it. Since that stuff injects hooks all over the system, it's always a candidate whenever any unknown problem occurs.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Just thought it was weird when it told me it didn't have permission to terminate Steam LOL though that only happened when Steam hung for some reason, not when it runs normally. I'm only using Malwarebytes and Windows Defender aka MSE, but theoretically they might be interfering. I went into all the executables in the Lasso folder and set them to always run as administrator. Maybe that was the issue, though I thought that was done automatically when you install Process Lasso. I'll let you know if that helps.


Yup, and it can be the file is scanning?
I think you can check why it hang, as hijack DLL will also making the software hang.
Like using Process Explorer to check the threads. :)

Jeremy Collake

I recently had a report of Malwarebytes having trouble scanning Process Lasso LOG files (a bug in Malwarebytes, but something I'm trying to work around). Do not know if it is related at all.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.