Some 'silent' processes not appearing in list

Started by gman68w, September 04, 2013, 03:49:58 PM

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For example, while Piriform's Defraggler is running a scheduled defragmentation, the process appears as 'DF64.exe' (or 'DF.exe' if you're running the 32-bit version) in Task Manager, but does not show up in PL.


Did you make sure PL is running with elevated right? :)


I set both 'ProcessGovernor.exe' and 'ProcessLasso.exe' to 'Run as Administrator', and I still don't see it.


Do you have "manages processes of all users" on, Main menu ?
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Whoops. I thought I did, but I guess I forgot to switch it back on when one of the betas wiped out my saved settings. I see it now.

Jeremy Collake

This is a very common mistake, so it's not just you. I get this all the time.

I do have a plan to better handle it, or at least make those toggles more visible. I'm going to bump this up my todo list, as it's a pretty big issue.
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